Roughnecks Committee Restructured

Following Sunday’s AGM we have a host of fresh new faces on the committee and new roles filled.

With former secretary Ally Howe stepping aside, Andrew Watts steps into the role on the senior committee which will oversee the three new sub-committees alongside returning GM - Grant Travis - and Treasurer - Ollie Schaffmann and new Director of Football Operations, Ruari Collinson. This central committee will oversee the most important issues in the day-to-day running of the club and aid the subcommittees where required.

The new youth subcommittee has been established with the imminent reintroduction of our youth and junior teams and is headed by Youth and Junior Manager Nicola Bennett. She will be assisted by Daire O’Beirne and Ross Elrick as General Youth Committee Members in the running of our programmes geared for players between the ages of 13 and 16. These programmes are seen as being of paramount importance to the long-term success of the whole Roughnecks programme with the youth and junior programmes providing a platform for teenagers to get into the game before they are able to graduate to the senior team.

The new gameday committee expands the previous equipment manager role and will be in charge of ensuring that match days run smoothly for everyone involved. Mark Wemyss steps into the gameday manage role vacated by Finlay Johnson who is leaving due to work commitment elsewhere, and will be assisted by equipment manager Angus Wright and our General Gameday Committee Member Nathan Morrice. The Social subcommittee sees Stuart Don, Darren Henderson and Phil McCall return to their roles as Social Media/PR representative, Social Secretary and Fundraising/Sponsorship Secretary respectively.

This restructuring is intended to lessen the burden on the major committee roles allowing the club to operate more efficiently. Sunday’s AGM also saw Bryce Stevenson implemented as the Head Coaching role as was announced yesterday.